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Welcome to the RanSamba Wiki

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Welcome to the RanSamba Wiki

Welcome! This is a Wikia for the GameSamba server of RAN Online. Please note that it does not include content from any other servers. Please contribute whenever and wherever you can. Thank you!

Important Info:

Please read the rules so you don't end up being banned from wiki! (Heavy repeat offenders / trolls may be banned until 31st December 2199)

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To Do List
Here is a list of thing needed to be done on wiki feel free to click button below to view this list!
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-> Seasonal Events (on-going)

-> Update beginner's guide - some important information may be missing (Like how to apply skills. Whoops.) - Medium Priority

-> Beastiary (summary page and individual pages per creature) - Save for last. Needs screenshots of every single mob in existence as well as location, HP and any other relevant data (e.g. drops and frequency of drops). Try your best not to die. - Low Priority

-> Individual Class pages

-> Skills for all trees of all classes (not right now) - Medium Priority

-> Individual NPC pages with map, coordinates, what they do (quest/merchant etc) and preferrably dialogue. Preferrably include a list of sold items for tradable NPCs. Can have a page listing every single hyperlinked NPC but could go without. - High Priority

-> Quest list - List of every single quest in RAN. Include level required if you wish, but minimum needs description and goal.

-> Activity list - DONE. Need to be transferred from (copy and paste source code). Could split this into four separate pages (Overview, Easy, Med, Adv) if this makes it easier.

-> Enhancement (copy and paste source code from Need to work out defense enhance formula and verify +10 -> +11 weapon enhance formula.

-> List of maps on RAN Online and how to travel between them (essentially the "World Map"). - High Priority

-> List of patches/updates of RAN Online with dates and what was updated, etc etc. (on-going)

Will add more when they come to mind. Feel free to edit this list but don't randomly delete unfinished things.

Many thanks in advance for your much appreciated help~! =D

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